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Life Itself
Cooking Series

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FAWN 2045
Fawn is a hands-on game delivered right to your door that teaches kids the impacts of ethical genetic engineering on the future of biodiversity by simulating mix-and-matches of various species. Fawn is not only advocates for animal life preservation, but also the flourishing and cohabitation of the land.

ConnectMore 2023
ConnectMore is a modular hybrid community space, to allow individuals with various needs to connect with each other digitally and in-person in a post-covid world. Each community space is equipped with components that can be rearranged to easily build a community garden, create benches for get togethers, or even tables and chairs for people hosting classes.

Runner-up at Carnegie Mellon’s 2020 Futurethon

Analog Identity
Analog Identity breaks down how we currently build our own identities by diluting our natural social inclinations and placing a rigid step-by-step framework around the process. First, collect images of the four people you’re closest with...