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4 days


Branded Environments
Visual Identity
3D Rendering
Experiential Marketing


Dorcas Lin - Design

Franklin Guttman - Design
Shalini Rao - Logistics
Kellen Gibson - Logistics

A moving skate park reimagining what the future could look like beyond permanent concrete structures.

Girl Skateboards has always been a household name, pushing to be more inclusive while paying homage to its lush history. This partnership aims to address enduring stereotypes surrounding skating and how to better integrate parks as a public good through the vision of skate parks as a gathering space or like a fountain in the middle of the mall.

Skating as a gathering space

1. Hi-Res Skate Parts & Photos
  • Cameras installed at each obstacle around the park at the hard-to-capture angles
  • Digital queue line is enforced that signal to the cameras
  • Communal-oriented stations to retrieve free photos and footage

2. No board? No Problem.

  • Girl will provide a wide selection of their skateboards to help you learn and test
  • Opening this to a larger target audience within the community

Adaptation Over Time

3-weeks per city  

  • Build is made to be rearranged and split apart, taking on different obstacles (i.e. half of the head is vertically pushed against the building wall to form a skateable bridge, etc). 
  • Chalk outline left behind upon moving to a new city (map below not to scale)

Site Selection Considerations

  • Compatibility with existing use of land
  • City code for noise, lighting
  • Proximity to public transport
  • Clear, passive observation by parents, EMS, police, and public

Metrics of Success

Visitor Engagement
  • Amateur vs Experienced Slaters
  • Tail-end of Pop Up Dates
  • Returners vs. One-Time

Social Media & Web Traffic
  • Use of Event Footage
  • Frequency of New Location Suggestions

Girl Skateboard Sales & Engagement
  • Designed Location-Specific Decks
  • Charity Donations
  • Newcomer Board Sales