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8 weeks


UI/UX Design


Responsive Web Design
Flexible Component Library
Digital Roadmap


Kenneth Hou - Design Lead

Sophie Brittain - UI/UX
Felicia Shane - UI/UX

Digital experience redesign to strengthen brand transformation in the future of mobility and personalization.

The 2021 Kia rebrand encapsulates bold movement with the vision to create sustainable mobility solutions for the consumers and community through movement that inspires.

Contributions: Build and Price, Homepage, Owners Portal, and Navigation pages from wireframes to final prototypes.

Note: Details of this project are under NDA, reach out to learn more. 

Repositioning a Global Brand

We worked with Kia’s international stakeholders to uncover new ways to expand the digital brand that would not only reflect the new up-market positioning but also build on the brand guidelines with tailored digital design foundations and a flexible component library.

This foundation unlocked a new information architecture, UX and an interface design system that brings the new brand to life and offers the flexibility to grow in the future.

Building a Brand Through UX

The majority of Kia customers begin their purchase journey online. With Kia’s dedication to customer experience, it was critical to provide a uniquely compelling way to explore and personalize their products. Leveraging our design thinking process, Konrad collaborated with Kia stakeholders to ideate and define detailed customer journeys that drove the creation of a refined experience, optimized for conversion.

Build and Price

We went through multiple rounds of Build & Price wireframes and iterations to refine information breakdown and hierarchy for clarity in the user flow.

Client Success

The new site has proven to be an intuitive, high-performing, and optimized web experience that “showcases the bold new direction to a new generation of Kia enthusiasts” (Kia Digital Marketing).

Since the launch of the new site, Kia has seen a material impact on brand equity, customer engagement, and lead capture.